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1787 fiercely defends the constitutional rights of every American.  We 

respect every race, color, religion and creed that combine to make America truly exceptional.

We deeply believe in the First Amendment and that all men & women are
created equal.

1787 rejects political vitriol and hateful rhetoric in any form.

1787 strives to bring Americans together and has no patience for those who try to rip us apart.

We commit to a high level of civility and a positive public conversation.

1787 believes in evidence-based facts.  The initial 1787 Platform is meant only to begin the conversation and have a blueprint to work from.  We want every American to work hard to prove this Platform wrong because that is the only way to find the best solutions.

1787 has a deep level of trust
in the United States intelligence communities, law enforcement and Judiciary. We wholeheartedly believe these institutions exist to protect and defend us from harm, and we greatly appreciate their dedication.

1787 honors and respects our friends and allies around the world. We believe that, for the United States to prosper and thrive, we must fully engage in the global community and not only regain but solidify our role as a world leader.

1787 highly 
and steadfastly defends the news media. We believe that the Fourth Estate contributes significantly to the health of our democracy, and without high-level journalism its very survival would be
at risk. 

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