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D E B I L I T A T I N G   M I S C O N C E P T I O N S

That clear, intelligent solutions to our challenges don’t exist. 

The first misconception is that clear, intelligent solutions to our challenges don’t exist.  This is categorically false.  Exhaustive research conducted by think tanks, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, private foundations, and even our federal government directly address our policy challenges.

Many questions have been answered on someone else’s dime, but politicians have very little incentive to acknowledge or accept them.  After all, it would be political suicide if a Democrat learned of overwhelming evidence that proves school vouchers work, or for a Republican to be faced with data that unequivocally supports a public option in health care.  They have way too much to lose because they have way too many people to repay.

As I said before, I think we’ll be shocked by how straightforward the answers actually are when we drown out the noise of special interest groups, ideological labels, and the paralyzing backlash of a hard-core base.

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